Furthering the Fight Against

    Infectious Diseases


    Infectious diseases disproportionally claim the lives of children in Africa and Asia. We have dedicated our services and skillsets to contribute to the excelleration of reducing these inequitable and preventable deaths.


  • Who are Public Health Surveillance Group (PHSG)?

    Public Health Surveillance Group, LLC are a group of global health consultants and project management specialists providing services and support for donors, investors, governments, international agencies, and private industry. PHSG works to equip decision- and policy-makers with the necessary information to gain insights, improve strategies, and measure impact.

  • Our Priorities in Combating Infectious Diseases

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    Enhanced Disease Surveillance and Response



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    Prolonged Effectiveness of Antimicrobials by Combatting AMR


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    Informed Vaccine Decison-making and Improved Vaccine Access


  • Our Services (How we Contribute)

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    Surveillance Assessments


    We conduct surveillance and response assessments and provide strategic direction for implementing more robust, efficient, and effective surveillance and response systems.

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    Insight Generation and Strategy Development

    We provide a tailored approach and process for insight generation and strategic planning for our clients to achieve their desired goals, rooted in scientific rigor. We deliver creative, thoughtful, and data-backed solutions to solve some of the world's most complex health issues.

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    Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Lifecycle 

    We work with donors and project implementors to monitor and evaluate project impact and implementation status. We develop a theory of change, monitoring and evaluation frameworks, indicators, and conduct ongoing monitoring and project evaluations.

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    Partnership Catalyst and Stakeholder Engagement

    Our team has built deep-rooted relationships with country stakeholders and global and regional partners alike. In an effort to ensure the right partners and persons are brought together for the greatest impact, we work with donors and projects to bring these experts, organizations and key stakeholders together.

  • Project Highlights

  • Improving Regional One Health Data Sharing, Advocacy and Policy for Antimicrobial Resistance, Use, and Consumption

    We work across 24 countries in Asia and Africa to improve data sharing, analytics and regional decision making.

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    Providing Scientific Oversight for Typhoid Burden of Disease and Vaccine Studies

    Enhancing Surveillance Systems in Afghanistan, as they move towards elimination of Malaria

    Working alongside the Ministry of Health in Afghanistan and the World Health Organization, we led the assessment of current surveillance systems and developed a strategy and roadmap to enhance surveillance to further their efforts in elimination of malaria.

    Surveillance Assessments and Strategies for Sentinel Surveillance of Bacteremia Across 10 Countries in Africa and Asia

    Providing oversight and monitoring across 10 country typhoid surveillance platforms to determine the burden of disease. The information produced by these networks were integral to guiding the World Health Organization's updated typhoid vaccine strategy and in securing GAVI funding for typhoid conjugate vaccines to combat Typhoid in LMICs. This work was funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

  • Project Locations

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