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  • Professional, Collaborative, Outcome-Focused

    Public Health Surveillance Group, LLC is a global consulting group providing services and support for donors, governments, international agencies, and industry across the human, animal and environmental health sectors. We work to equip decision- and policy-makers with the necessary information to reduce morbidity and mortality.

  • Areas of Expertise

    Infectious Disease Surveillance and Response for Human Populations

    • ​Infectious disease and epidemiology subject matter expertise (SME)
    • Integrated disease surveillance and response
    • Vertical, disease-specific surveillance
    • Event-based surveillance
    • Contact tracing
    • Vaccine preventable disease surveillance
    • Laboratory-based surveillance
    • Community-based surveillance
    • Study design
    • Burden of disease

    Animal Health and Food Safety Surveillance

    • Veterinary medicine and Epidemiology SME
    • (Re-/)emerging zoonotic disease SME
    • Zoonotic disease and response surveillance
    • Food safety and foodborne pathogens surveillance
    • Veterinary microbiology and immunology 
    • Pathogen discovery
    • Animal health, welfare and food-producing systems
    • Veterinary vaccine development and safety/ efficacy evaluation

    Environmental Health Surveillance


    • Climate change risk mitigation and adaptation
    • Climate change monitoring indicators and frameworks
    • Water and sewage surveillance frameworks and strategies 
    • Human-agriculture-environment interface surveillance framework and strategies



    One Health Policy

    and Strategy


    • One health surveillance strategies, communications and coordination 
    • One health frameworks and surveillance enhancement
    • One health operationalization and evaluation
    • One health policy and legislation 
    • Improved data sharing methods

    Health Systems and ICT Utilization


    • Health systems SME
    • Information and Communication technologies (ICT) use for enhanced surveillance
    • Integration of data sources for enhanced information building
    • Dashboard development and enhancement
    • DHIS2

    Antimicrobial Resistance, Use, and Consumption Surveillance and Policy

    • Antimicrobial resistance, use and consumption surveillance SME
    • Data collection and collation practices
    • Antimicrobial policies and stewardship 
    • Data analysis and usage 
    • WHONET

    Vaccine Policy, Research and Advocacy


    • Vaccine policy and implementation 
    • Effectiveness and efficicy study design
    • GAVI applications
    • Evidence reviews and applied research

    Global Health Security (GHS) and IHR(2005) Compliance


    • GHS policies and practices
    • GHS assessment methodology expertise
    • Multi-sectoral coordination best practices
    • SMEs on International Health Regulations (2005) and the Joint External Evaluation (JEE) tool


    • Current Project Highlights

    • Improving Regional One Health Data Sharing, Advocacy and Policy for Antimicrobial Resistance, Use, and Consumption

      We work across 24 countries in Asia and Africa to improve data sharing, analytics and regional decision making

      COVID19 Surveillance Expertise

      We provide epidemiological, health communications and contact tracing strategies and expertise to governments and organizations to combat the ongoing CODVID19 pandemic

      Enhancing Surveillance Systems in Afghanistan, as they move towards elimination of Malaria

      Working alongside the Ministry of Health in Afghanistan and the World Health Organization, we led the assessment of current surveillance systems and developed a strategy and roadmap to enhance surveillance to further their efforts in elimination of malaria.

      Scientific Advisement and Surveillance Monitoring for Typhoid Surveillance Networks Across 10 Countries

      Providing oversight and monitoring across 10 country typhoid surveillance platforms to determine the burden of disease. The information produced by these networks were integral to guiding the World Health Organization's updated typhoid vaccine strategy and in securing GAVI funding for typhoid conjugate vaccines to combat Typhoid in LMICs. This work was funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

    • Services and Solutions

      We provide the following services and solutions to assist our partners in achieving their desired outcomes:

      Thought, Research and Advisement


      We deliver creative, thoughtful, and data-backed solutions to solve some of the world's most complex health issues.

      Policy Analysis and Legislative Guidance


      We work with policy-makers to review policies and determine the outcomes they produce. We then provide guidance on updated, data-backed policy and legislation.

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      Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Lifecycle


      We work with donors and project implementors to monitor and evaluate project impact and implementation status. We develop a theory of change, monitoring and evaluation frameworks, indicators, and conduct ongoing monitoring and project evaluations.

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      Strategic Planning and Road Map Development

      We provide a tailored approach and process for strategic planning and road map development for our clients to achieve their desired goals, rooted in scientific rigor.

      International, Regional, and National Surveillance and Response Assessments

      We conduct surveillance and response assessments and provide strategic direction for implementing more robust, efficient, and effective surveillance and response systems.

      Laboratory Assessment, Enhancement, and Discovery  

      We assess laboratories for specific outcomes and quality metrics, and work with our partners in coordinating laboratory based surveillance and pathogen discovery.

      Advocacy, Health Communications, and Scientific Writing


      We work with donors and partners on creating impactful advocacy plans, guide health communications during outbreaks, and produce scientific papers to further advance the fields in which we work.

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      Workforce Development




      We train our partners and government stakeholders in our areas of expertise to ensure that capacities are strengthened and sustained. We provide curriculum development and workshops with stakeholders to accomplished these goals.

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