• About Us

    Our Mission, Vision and Values

    Our Values

    • Outcome focused
    • Collaborative
    • Reliable
    • Scientific excellence and rigor
    • Culturally sensitive 
    • Professional
    • Sustainable

    Our Vision

    A world with true health equity and free of pandemics.

    Our Mission

    Our mission at PHSG is to provide our partners and decision-makers (e.g., International Agencies, Governments, Donors, NGOs) with data-driven, enhanced strategies to combat infectious disease.



  • Our Strategic Model

    We are a group of global experts across the human, animal and environmental health paradigm. Our team encompasses the One Health approach and is deeply committed to improving surveillance and response systems to ensure epidemics are caught early, pandemics are eliminated, and decision-makers are equipped with the necessary information to reduce morbidity and mortality .


    We invest in ambitious, mission driven professionals and further promote their professional growth. Each team member is equipped with the technical skills; cultural experience and sensitivities; the political knowhow; and strong project management skills. Our team is spread throughout the world, utilizing technology to seamlessly collaborate and manage our projects with our partners.